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Residency Theme: "The Wild, The Unwanted, The Unseen"

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Have a great residency!
avatar for Robert Buchanan

Robert Buchanan

Goddard College
Bob Buchanan: vision and background

The world is cracked open. We need personal and societal transformation.
I encourage students of allbackgrounds, experiences and interests to design and
pursue individual and collective visions of societal transformation.
Some may use the word revolution.

My own interests and work examine the efforts of individuals to build anti-racist,
just, egalitarian and sustainable social movements and communities and dismantle
the forces of racist/capitalist/gendered/able-ist and other oppressions that divide
communities and exploit the earth’s resources and ecosystems.

I have challenged oppression and power throughout my life. Raised in a union family,
I’ve worked in antiwar, anti-white supremacy, anti-capitalist and sustainability/justice
movements since I was a teenager. After completing an undergraduate degree in
environmental science/activism, I worked to support the early release of prison inmates
from incarceration. In the Midwest, I worked with poor and working class families as a
crisis intervention worker who replaced police intervention. I lobbied state legislatures to
fund community groups that served people with disabilities as well as poor and working
communities. I undertook research and wrote for public interest law firms that assisted
poor and working families challenging segregated schools and incarceration. As my
relatives include Deaf and disabled activists, I wrote and edited several books about the
collective efforts of people with disabilities to overcome workplace and educational
discrimination and resist able-ist oppression and cultural genocide.

Systems of racist, gendered, economic and other oppressions remain deeply rooted
however and must be challenged by the peoples of the world.

How do we most effectively challenge these systems of oppression? What communities and world do we want to build?
Global revolution?? Sustained mass movements? How will we build such a future?
What can we do through our work at Goddard and in our home communities?

I will be with all as we engage with these questions and seek to dismantle oppression.

residency: almost 24/7--reach out any day and all day.

Fall/winter 2020 semester:
All weekdays 7 am-9pm
Sunday nights: 7 EST forward
By appointment

robert.buchanan@goddard.edu / 802-322-1654

Cells and texting are unreliable in rural VT so please use email or phone number
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